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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Spare Change Can Make Dreams A Reality!

Sharing an email sent to us from a Camp Southern Ground Supporter. . .   Thanks Pat Casey!!!

I was at the Peach Festival this past weekend and there was a family of four in front of us.  They were there to see the ZBB show and I was doing the math and figured they dropped close to $400 to get in (we were all up front - the only way to experience the show!!).  So I asked the dad how they decided to see the show and he said after planning a week at the beach they were tapped out.  But he said "lets empty the coin jar" (one of those five gallon plastic water jugs) and he told his family, "what's in there we'll use for the tickets" - That jar had close to 500 bucks in it! 

So how does this relate to raising money for Camp Southern Ground?  It didn't hit me until the next morning when I went shopping on the ZBB site when I saw the Camp T-shirt with the Mason Jar with a "Dream Jar" label. 

How can people save their change and donate it to Camp Southern Ground?  The Dream Jar!  I think the collection of change is an easy and broad-based way to raise a ton a money for the Camp.  

Everybody is dreaming and saving for something... this just opens the door for Camp Southern Ground dreams to become a reality for kids!

Pat Casey

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